• Hanover Coffee’s Costa Rica Tarrazu

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    The classic Central American coffee has a clean, bright cup, with thin to moderate body. But this is not a classic Costa Rica.
    Hanover Coffee - Costa Rica Tarrazu

    Hanover’s roasting suits the coffee though. Although the beans are a little darker than most artisan roasters would dare to go, there is only a hint of a toasty note. The roastmaster has also done well to keep the character of the cup.

    The smooth, melted butter caramelly flavour is the most pronounced feature in this cup, with a fresh flowery note in the background. When the cup cools, the caramel flavour comes out stronger.
    There still is an enjoyable mild crispness to the cup that can be described as somewhat sherry-like. It blends well with the caramelly flavour.
    This Costa Rica has a fairly heavy mouthfeel, leaning towards buttery. Again, that is quite extraordinary for a Central-American coffee.

    Hanover’s Costa Rica Tarrazu is an unusual Central American coffee, not at all the classic cup. We suspect this is a Costa Rican bourbon, which has a different cup character than the usual varieties. Overall we find this coffee well-balanced, and enjoyable.

    Greg at Hanover Coffee recommends this coffee for French press. We enjoyed that too, but feel that filter coffee is an even better choice. We brewed this in a Chemex, which makes the character come out best.
    You could try this coffee as espresso, but skip the milk. This is a coffee that should be enjoyed as it is: pure.

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