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    This shop has in recent months become one of my faves. It hasn’t gotten a lot of attention yet, so here’s a plug for a shop that I really like. It’s called Persepolis, located at the Twijnstraat in Utrecht. Show map

    Persepolis - shop front

    Although there are a few Iranian specials on the shelves (dried omani limes, split dried broad beans), the shop has a wider assortment. One thing that I really like are the über-fresh veggies and fuit. I’ve already made the first jars of delicious jelly with quinces from this shop.

    Obviously there is a good selection of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern products; yoghurt, cheeses, conditements, olives, herbs and spices, and pickles. I haven’t found the jars of pickled lemons yet, but I’m sure they’re there.
    The shop also stocks a dozen types of couscous, rice, and pastas. Wish the owner would sell De Cecco instead of Barilla, but changing suppliers isn’t easy.

    Here’s some good chow I made with ingredients from Persepolis.

    Zucchini, pepper & halloumi salad

    This is easy feasting. A warm salad of sautéed zucchini, red peppers, with roasted halloumi, garlic and sage. The red stuff is piri piri with olive oil and lemon juice. And obviously there’s fresh homemade bread, straight from the oven and still warm.

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