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    Contrary to what you might think, we also like tea. A lot! Unfortunately, teapots tend to be shortlived items here. Whether made of porcelain, stoneware, or glass, teapots have parts that can and eventually will break. Often, it’s because the lid comes off, and falls to pieces.
    We received two very stylish teapots from Zero Japan, the European distributor for Zero Japan Inc.. These are the classic style Zero Japan teapots.

    What we like

    • Very stylish
    • Excellent quality materials
    • Stainless steel lid
    • Avaiable in various sizes, styles, and colours
    • Quite affordable

    What we don’t like

    • Infuser a bit too small

    Not perfect, but very good – Recommended

    Apart from being made of high quality, heavy porcelain, another good feature is that the lids are made of stainless steel. That’s at least one part that will never break.
    The Zero Japan teapots also come with an infuser insert, but we feel it is a bit on the small side. This is a common problem with many teapots. You’ll get a better extraction by putting the leaves directly in the pot, and not using the infuser.
    On the upside, these teapots are less likely to become clogged with tea leaves, because of the position of the spout. On the whole, we like these Zero Japan teapots.
    Available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours. In Europe these are sold via Zero Japan Europe and J-Port.

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